Ulfar: The Long Night of the Hunt

June 07, 2023

The enemies of the Imperium are countless and terrifying, but among its defenders there are those who know no fear. Those from whose souls the very capability to sense terror has long been etched away by the sacred gene-seed, exhausting trials, sophisticated hypno-training, decades of rigorous drills, and unshakable devotion to the God-Emperor. Clad in ceramite and adamantium, armed with the finest weapons of Humanity, they march proudly, their massive, genetically enhanced bodies driven by the blood of the Emperor himself. The Space Marines keep their vigil.

The culture, customs, and appearance of the Space Marines vary from Chapter to Chapter. Some brotherhoods are few and little known, others are innumerable and trace their history back to the time of the Great Crusade. But few can compete in glory with the Space Wolves - the furious and proud sons of Leman Russ, bloodthirsty hunters from the Death World Fenris. Just as their ancestors sailed drekkars into the harsh Worldsea to slay krakens and sea dragons, so today they voyage out into the Sea of Stars to make battle against the vile and blasphemous enemies of the Allfather.

Wrathful Ulfar stepped on the hunting path many decades ago, and ever since, a trail of blood has followed in his wake. With triumphant howl, he thunders into every fight without fear - for there is no fear of death for one whose saga will be forever sung with reverence by their brothers in the Hall of the Great Wolf. His violent temper and youthful craving for fame and boasting has not simmered with years of campaigns. His loud laughter instills awe in the hearts of ordinary mortals, and his stern roar wrings horror from his enemies. His memory is as strong as the jaws of a wolf, holding the saga of each battle-brother and his every deed.

But now his brothers are lost. The proud Wolves have not returned from the hunt, and it is not known whether they are alive or feasting with the Allfather in his Hall. But Ulfar will find out, for such is he - unstoppable, stubborn, driven by instinct. If needed, he will sweep across the Koronus Expanse like a bloody blizzard, but he will find his pack. The void will tremble in fright, hearing his mighty battle cry, and will return to the stubborn Ulfar his kin!

For the Allfather!

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