Idira Tlass: Warp Powers Unchained

June 22, 2022

In the eyes of the Imperium, psychic powers and those who wield them are a threat – unless, that is, such an individual can be suppressed and controlled. If they are deemed strong enough to contain their foul potential, they are permitted to use it for Humanity’s benefit. Yet in the Koronus Expanse, a sanctioned psyker is an extremely rare commodity. Those who are powerful and desperate enough often resort to seeking out the services of unsanctioned psykers – heretics who have managed, either through mental prowess or sheer luck, to survive the emergence of their abilities, to resist the temptations of the warp, and to put their unholy powers to use.


Idira Tlass was born and raised on a distant world, one that was lost to the Light of the Emperor long ago and devolved away from the teachings of the Ecclisiarchy. A woman with an incredible yet treacherous talent for discerning the future from the faint whispers of the void, Idira was a valuable asset to the rulers of her home planet – a role she renounced for a chance to travel among the stars in the retinue of a mighty Rogue Trader. As a diviner, Idira has come to the aid of her Lord Captain more than once by discerning events yet to come and paths yet to be uncovered. Gifted and somewhat cocky, she makes up for her lack of proper training and caution with her formidable self-control and natural aptitude.


But Idira’s cavalier attitude and underestimation of warp powers come at a price. With each passing day, she is less and less sure whether the voices in her head are her own thoughts or murmurs from the other side. Once proud and arrogant, now the diviner is but a shadow of her former self, a tortured and broken soul haunted by the whispers from beyond the veil. There is no escape from them except eventual death and eternal damnation – and even if a glimmer of hope were to appear, it might be nothing more than the temptation of heresy.

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