Collector's Editions Update 3.0

March 21, 2024

Lord Captains!

We’re ready to provide you with a new update regarding Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Collector's Editions and other physical items!

Every physical order is now being transported by ships from the place of production to the logistic centers where the distribution will begin. We’ve managed to get the ship’s tracking info, so now we would like to share the most detailed info on their current status.

1. EU ship

The EU ship departed on February 2nd, and should arrive in Rotterdam, Netherlands approximately on March 24th. Then the cargo should be transported to the warehouse on the 25th.

2. USA ship

The USA ship departed on February 2nd and arrived at Tacoma, WA on March 15th. On March 20 the cargo went by rail to Chicago and is scheduled to arrive there on March 25th. From there it should go to our warehouse.

3. UK ship

The UK ship departed on February 3rd, and has already arrived in Felixstowe, UK on the 18th. According to the plan, the cargo should arrive at the warehouse on the 21st of March.

Shortly after the ships reach the destination ports, the goods go through customs clearance procedures and are transported to the fulfillment centers. In the warehouses, the boxes will be checked, sorted, and prepared for individual shipment to our Lord Captains. This process will take some time, but we'll try to provide you with the tracking numbers on the website as soon as possible. We’ll keep you informed when the codes are available.

We are grateful to our founders for all the support, patience, and understanding, no matter what circumstances are interfering with the shipment! Thank you for being with us.



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