Theodora von Valancius: Of Power and Glory

June 29, 2022

It is a rare breed of human that dares to leave the confines of Imperial territory and brave the still-uncharted void of the galaxy. Unwavering courage, devious cunning, even outright recklessness – all of these traits and more help ensure the survival and prosperity of those who are granted a Warrant of Trade and vested with a mission to roam the unknown depths of the void in search of profit and plunder. They are Rogue Traders, unique individuals empowered by the Emperor’s authority to serve Humanity in the most unorthodox way possible – by crossing the boundaries of the Imperium and committing deeds otherwise considered heretical.

Lord Captain Theodora von Valancius Massimo af Scarus is a hard woman – anyone who stands at the helm of an ancient Rogue Trader dynasty for as long as she has is either broken or steeled by the experience. Theodora owns a voidship crewed by thousands of loyal servants, reigns over a vast conglomerate of worlds that bring her immense wealth, and vies for supremacy with the other Rogue Traders of the Koronus Expanse – a competition unequaled in its ruthlessness. Yet the Lord Captain has always yearned for more, and so she ventures into the deepest and darkest parts of the Koronus Expanse, leaving trading and affairs of governance to her subordinates.

But sometimes the Rogue Trader’s endeavors bring more trouble than expected – after all, there are nightmares between the stars better left undisturbed. Theodora’s aura is as illustrious as ever – she and her air of authority bow even the most willful heads, and her power sends fear into the hearts of her enemies. Yet those closest to her have noticed strange changes – a tinge of worry in the curve of her lips, a ghost of uncertainty in her steely gaze. Unknown to others, time after time Theodora’s thoughts sink into what’s to come - the grim future that will snuff out her shining star and give way to the next Rogue Trader of the von Valancius dynasty whose fate is still undetermined.

Theodora von Valancius concept art

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