Beta Available Now

June 01, 2023

Lord Captain!

Urgent report from the bridge! All incoming vox transmissions report that the beta of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is available to play!

Start the game from the very beginning, create your unique character using the newly implemented character creation system, and try our new epic space battles! A full chapter taking place in the dark city of Commorragh, a new Adeptus Astartes companion, and a lot of new content lies ahead of you. Check the full list of changes below!

Moreover, a new spectacular trailer is here! Take a look at how important your decisions will be and how drastically they can affect the course of events:

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Don’t forget to check out the beginner’s guide!

What’s new in the beta:

1. Expanded story

The Alpha used to start in Act II, exposing only a fraction of the story and leaving many questions unanswered.

The Beta allows you to start from the very beginning, earning your position as a Lord Captain in the Prologue and Act I, continuing through the familiar, but updated Act II, and finally venturing into the dark city of Commorragh, home of the insidious Drukhari, in Act III.

2. New Space Marine companion

Ulfar, a mighty Adeptus Astartes from the Space Wolves chapter, will join your retinue in the Beta to crush your enemies in the Emperor’s name.

3. Character generation and tutorials

In the Alpha, you were thrown into the fray. The Beta brings in a proper character generator with many customization options (which will be further expanded by release) and numerous tutorials that will help you to figure out various aspects of gameplay.

4. Updated character progression

Character progression has seen a significant overhaul, introducing 1 brand new doctrine and 6 updated old doctrines (previously called careers) with dozens of new and updated skills and abilities. Psykers and Navigators have also received their own ability trees.

5. Combat preparation phase

In the Beta, you are finally able to select the initial placement of your characters before the combat begins. Besides general tactical flexibility, this will also allow you to prepare for encounters that take place after cutscenes.

6. Convictions system

Important decisions taken during the course of the adventures of your Lord Captain will have lasting consequences called Convictions. Your character will accumulate points towards Imperialis, Benevolentia, or Hereticus, unlocking new perks and dialogue options. While the system is still in very early stages, you can already have a glimpse of it in the Beta.

7. Levelling up and upgrading your voidship

Ship management has received its own interface, where you can manage and upgrade the components of your ship and select new abilities as it levels up.

In the future, you will also be able to manage officer posts on the ship taken by your companions, but that functionality is not yet available for the Beta.

8. Space combat overhaul

Space combat has received a massive update, including new space backgrounds, new HUD, shield UI, combat grid visuals, and a great number of balance and gameplay updates.

9. New system map visuals

The system map has received a full set of stunning new visuals.

10. New global map

The global map has received a lot of UI updates, including new art, quest objective markers, new scan visual effects, and more.

11. Updated colonization

Colonization has also seen a significant update, with improved UI and an array of balance changes.

12. Loot and cargo UI updates

The loot and cargo UI has received a significant overhaul, allowing you to easily move and manage items between these two categories without manually browsing every container.

13. Reputation, vendors, and profit factor overhaul

The profit factor is no longer a regenerating resource, but a modifiable threshold instead. Along with reputation, it now determines which items are available to you from vendors. As for the vendors themselves, once you meet them, you may now contact them remotely from your voidship.

14. New main menu

The main menu of the game has received its own art and now looks way closer to its final version.

15. Updated dialogue UI

Dialogue UI has received new art, better font readability, and more space on the screen.


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