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The full-fledged PC version of the game available at release. Secure your copy now for the best value!

Discord role on the Discord server that will highlight you as a Rogue Trader backer. It comes with a notable status pic that will be shown next to your nickname.

You will have access to the beta version of the game. You will be able to experience a significant part of the game, meet the characters, and dive into the plot.

The set of 3 Exclusive (for the pre-order only) In-Game Items. First is the powerful Negotiator Pistol, which decreases the effectiveness of the target's armor and grants a passive bonus to the Persuasion skill. The second is the exquisite Digital Las-Ring fitted with a potent short-range las emitter capable of striking several targets in a row. And the third is the Xeno-Pelt Cloak, a trademark garment of any respectable Rogue Trader. This item reduces the chances of suffering especially devastating hits and grants a passive bonus to the Coercion skill.

At the beginning of the game, you will get the Unique Voidship Model – the Falchion-class frigate. This enhanced frigate offers increased durability instead of inherent speed. Its sturdy armor and hull allow it to make full use of its larger broadside batteries, which it has instead of a frontal lance. You can use this voidship instead of the basic Sword-class frigate.

The full collection of our fabulous in-game tracks. Enjoy your favorite music tracks with uncompressed FLAC quality to hear all the nuances and whispers of the Void. You can download a standard MP3 version as well.

Our high-resolution digital artbook is full of key art. You will see the concept art and final hi-res artwork for characters, environments, landscapes, and much more.

High-resolution ready-to-print poster designed to fit А2 format. You don't need to prepare it for printing. Just take it, print it anywhere, and decorate your personal space with this themed banner.

Your chance to be a part of the game! Your name will be placed in the Shrine of Remembrance – an in-game monument located in one of the key locations.

Be among the first to get your hands on the actual game and play the alpha. You will join the creative process and help the devs to shape the experience by providing your thoughts and feedback from an early stage.

A fabulous and distinctive detail for your voidship interior. The Alpha Supporter Bridge Banner is a proud sign of your significant role in game development support in the earliest stages.

Get your name listed in the game credits as the devs supporter.

Get your name listed in the special section of the game credits, highlighting your special role in the dev process.


A unique 8-inch collectible figure of Cassia Orsellio, Navigator and loyal companion of the Rogue Trader. Although Cassia looks young and delicate, her extraordinary powers strengthen the party immensely. She may also become more than just a companion.

Read about the creation of the game and see the concept art and final hi-res artwork for characters, environments, and landscapes in this hardcover art book.

This large banner is made from thick fabric emblazoned with the Imperial Aquila – a fabulous decoration for the quarters of any Lord Captain.

The Imperial Warrant of Trade describes and sanctions the accepted limits of the operations of a Rogue Trader and their descendants. Sign your name to this ancient legal document and stake your claim on the spoils of the unknown reaches of the galaxy!

“Fight for the Imperium,” “Success / Prosperity,” “Your Emperor Needs You!” – you will find these and other atmospheric slogans on sticker replicas of Imperial propaganda posters. Look out for the posters in various in-game locations and decorate your possessions with the matching sticker set.

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